First Aniversary of the Signature of La Victoria's Trust Pact and the Renewal of the Commitments Acquired

La Victoria de San Isidro is a small village in the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, one of the three towns that are part of the area of influence of Prodeco’s mining operations in the Cesar department. This community, that not long ago suffered the tough violence of the Colombian conflict, is today a hardworking community that seeks to recover trust and find new and better opportunities in life, with the support of different public and private actors.

La Victoria’s recent process of growth and development has progressed with Prodeco as an ally, through the creation and implementation of investment programs aimed at reducing poverty, and the development of local capabilities to ensure the sustainability of community projects. In addition, Prodeco has supported the articulation of social dialogue with several actors in the territory to connect agendas and identify productive partnerships.

In 2017, in partnership with the Development and Peace Program of Cesar – PDPC, Prodeco started a process of strengthening organizational and business skills in La Victoria, in order to promote citizen participation and sustainable development. As a result of this process, the "El Renacer de La Victoria" and "La Unión del Campo" community organizations were created, and in 2018 they signed a Trust Pact that symbolized their commitment to strengthen entrepreneurship initiatives for the improvement of relationships, the reconstruction of values, ​​and the consolidation of coexistence and peace.

This April 3rd, a year after signing the Trust Pact, these community organizations invited all the allies and key actors of this process to celebrate the first anniversary of this important agreement and to renew the commitments acquired.

The event was attended by Francisco Barbosa, Presidential Advisor on Human Rights; Yarcely Rangel, Mayor of La Jagua de Ibirico; Alfonso Campo, Valledupar’s Municipal Ombudsman; Mark McManus, President of Prodeco; Amaury Padilla, Director of the PDPC. Also attending were representatives of Cesar’s Governor Office, members of the community and special guests from the Agency for the Renewal of the Territory, the National Federation of Coffee Growers, among others.

During the ceremony Mark McManus, President of Prodeco, stated: “We can only be proud of what this community has accomplished in a short time. Today La Victoria is a well-organized and empowered community on the path of sustainable development. The work developed by these two associations and its entrepreneurs is indeed an example of how a community is able to build its own vision of development and establish a proactive engagement with private and public institutions. Prodeco will continue to support the construction of territorial peace with similar initiatives”.

Francisco Barbosa, Presidential Advisor on Human Rights, highlighted that “the entrepreneurship and the civil society organization initiatives taking place in La Victoria de San Isidro are examples of how a community projects itself towards the future through mutual work and synergy. That peace we all talk about in our country is represented in projects like these, in which communities build a better future based on their capabilities and commitment”.

Yarcely Rangel, Mayor of La Jagua, expressed that La Victoria’s achievements after one year of work are the result of the efforts of several actors. “To achieve this we require not only the efforts of the community, but the commitment that Prodeco has had together with the Municipality, the Cesar’s Governor Office, and the “Families in their Land” program that has also reached this community”. The Mayor also indicated that La Victoria de San Isidro will be the first town in the country to ‘graduate’ in terms of reconciliation and return of population formerly displaced by violence.

Prodeco is proud of the hard work done by the community and recognizes the importance of the Trust Pact which established peaceful work and dialogue as the pillars of development for La Victoria de San Isidro. Prodeco is committed to continuing supporting the strengthening of civil society and territorial peace by providing resources and coordinating similar initiatives.


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